Friday, 29 July 2016

About me .. STE

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Hi Everyone !  is me STE, I would like to start a blog to pen down and document my thoughts on stocks investing and also “talking to myself “ on some issues relating to investing ideas / world . I will try not to mention any particular stock in my blog post as it is very hard to do any “prediction or forecast “ of future or stock's movement and also this may attract unnecessary dispute / incident if anything goes wrong .. I will be using more graphic / chart / table / quotes to explain my thought and ideas as “ pictures worth more than thousand words “ ,, the most important things is …I don’t really good in explaining things in words.. haha .

I have few blog post appeared in AK’s blogs as one of his guest blogger . You may find some of the info about me and my investment strategy in these blog post … please refer to below link  for more info.

STE's story : Personal Finance

STE's story : Investment strategy

How did STE who is married with children retire at age 44?

STE's story : I lost money enough to buy a 5 room flat in 2015

STE's story : How I stage my war chest in current volatile market

STE says to see crises as opportunities and accumulate

< credit goes to AK's blog on all above link  and thanks AK  for allowing me to do the guest blogs . I learn a lot from him and appreciate his wisdom >

I Hope to share the experience of my 1st stock purchased 18 years ago in my next post , full of memories and nostalgic ... stay tuned . Cheers !!

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  1. Hi STE

    Great to have you in the local blogosphere finally :)

    Awaiting much learning from you

  2. Hi B,
    Thanks for your comments, in fact I learned and gained much knowledge from your blogs ,especially the good and in depth analysis on each counter you write.
    Let's keep learning as I believe gaining knowledge has no limit or boundary ...
    Cheers !

  3. STE,

    thats a mind blowing yearly divd payout!
    definitely a role model for many people to emulate.

    btw, just curious, whats your entire portfolio value? in order to have this much amount of divd.

    1. Hi foolish chameleon,
      Thanks for the comments , I have seen your portfolio in your blog post , think with compounding interest , your passive income will increase much to this level some days.
      As I have mentioned in "my portfolio " blog post , my current portfolio yield is around 7.2% , form here , you might be able to have a good guest on my total portfolio value. :)
      Cheers !

  4. STE,

    some "days"? haha...
    it will take a few million of such "days"!
    but thanks for your encouragement!

    might have overlooked on that yield %. blinded by the payout.

    1. Hahaha ,, :>
      Gambateh !! 加油!!